Heating Installations

Whether you require a brand new heating system or are looking to replace an old system that is not very economical, Ashwood Plumbing & Gas Services Ltd can advise, supply and install all the equipment you need both domestic and commercial.

  • Is your boiler over 10-15 years old?
  • Do you want a more efficient boiler?
  • Do you want to save on your fuel bills?

Choose a central heating installation with a High Efficiency Band “A” boiler and you could save up to 40% on your bills.

Every home has a different setup and home owners have different requirements – Whether you’re looking for a replacement combination boiler, system boiler, heat only boiler or full installation including central heating radiators, we can help.

  •  Combination Boilers are a very common boiler on the UK. Combi boilers provide you with instant hot water which means you do not need a hot water storage tank which saves you space in your property. Combi boilers are economical and great for small houses with small families. If you have a large household with multiple taps then Combi boilers are probably not recommended as it would reduce the flow of water to each tap once opened simultaneously.
  •  System Boilers are highly efficient boilers which operate using stored hot water. System boilers pump hot water straight through the heating system to radiators and hot water cylinder. System boilers use a hot water cylinder so you will need room for this. This system is probably better suited for large family households with high occupancy. Properties will heat up quickly this way which reduces running costs therefore  saves you money. The pump for the heating and hot water is inside the boiler which takes up less space.
  •  Heat Only Boilers provide heat for radiators directly and produce hot water which is stored in a separate hot water cylinder. This will take up space compared to a combi boiler. Heat only boilers are recommended for large house hold occupancy with hot water demand.  There’s a large tank of stored hot water which means you can use several taps at once. Heat only boilers can be easy to replace in old-fashioned heating systems without too many pipework changes providing the system is up to current standards. The cylinder should be very well insulated otherwise it will lose heat into its surroundings, hence wasting energy. The pump for the heating and hot water systems is outside the boiler and takes up more space.

All our installations will include the following if required:

  • Power flush
  • Room thermostat (hard wired or wireless)
  • TRV’s
  • Installation of HE condensing boiler

We have now introduced an optional magna clean to be fitted on all installations. There are a wide variety of appliances on the market today.

One of our senior gas safe registered engineers will visit your property to discuss your heating needs and provide you with honest advice regarding what make and model of boiler they believe your property requires in relation to high quality, reliability and efficiency.  We will provide you with a detailed written quote including what materials are required and the overall cost.

Please contact us for a free quote or for more information on 07794056346 or alternatively email us (please refer to the contact us page).


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