Power Flushing

Does your heating system have any of the following symptoms?

  • Poor heat transfer through radiators (cold spots).
  • Boiler noises (kettling).
  • Poor hot water from combination boilers.
  • Radiators require frequent bleeding, rust spots.
  • Leaking radiators, valves and boiler components.

If so, you may benefit from power flushing your system.

Benefits after power flushing are:

  • Decreased fuel bills due to a more efficient system.
  • Prolonged life span of the boiler & radiators.
  • Less probability of leaks occurring.
  • Less chance of sudden boiler breakdown due to blockages.
  • Improved hot water & central heating performance.

Below is a brief description on how a power flush is carried out on a combination boiler.

The power flushing machine is connected to a flow and return connection via a radiator or circulating pump. A de-scaling liquid is then pumped around the system, one radiator at a time.

Once sufficient time as been allowed for this procedure and the sludge / corrosive deposits / magnetite has been dislodged the system is then pumped with fresh clean water pumping the contaminated water out of the system.

After all the de-scaling liquid and contaminated water is flushed out, the system can then be filled up and appropriate inhibitor introduced. The system is then balanced accordingly.

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